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The Mars Colony is in open rebellion against the governments of Terra Prime. Your task, Sentinel, is to protect the people of Mars colony from Terra Prime's expeditionary forces. Show them that the people of Mars Colony will not be cowed by these incursions. Do this and Mars Colony will remain free!



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About Sentinel

Sentinel is a browser based game built using CreateJS and TypeScript

About the Developer

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Hi, I'm Ken!

I'm a software engineering student at Centennial College in Toronto, ON, CA.

Formally an Aircraft Structues Technican, I started my journey into software development because the mix of challenge and creativity inherit in software development excites me! My favorite things to build are web applications and games. I use C#, TypeScript, JavaScript, Node.js, Express.js MongoDB, Angular, HTML and CSS to make it happen.

When im not coding you'll find me out at the park or the beach. Toronto has so many amazing outdoor spaces so check them out if you're here!